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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to participate in the activities?

Aquatic Canyoning: 6 years. It is usual for 6 year olds to come whenever they swim well without auxiliary material, they love water, jumping, slides and sports in general. Dry Canyons: 10 years. It can be done with children of 7 and 8 years old. But the main activity is rappel, so it is important that the child is interested in this type of activity, do not have vertigo and like sports. If not, it can be a boring activity for them. Via Ferrata: 10 years. If the child likes to climb and climb the walls, this activity will enchant you. Rafting: Esera Adults Section: 13 years. Esera River Family Section: 4 years.
Ara River: 16 years. Kayak: 4 years.

What footwear and clothes must be worn to make aquatic canyoning?

SUITABLE footwear: sneakers, shoes or hiking boots.

Footwear NOT SUITABLE: water shoes, sandals, flip flops or any type of footwear designed for water activities. Canyoning is to walk the mountain wetting yourself, you need a footwear that protects your foot well. Clothing: Swimsuit or Bikini. Approaches walking to the river are made in a swimsuit. You can also wear a t-shirt to make the approach.

Do I have to bring water and food to the activities?

Canyoning and Via Ferrata trips: Water: A bottle of liter and a half every two people is recommended. Food: Although many activities end between 2:00PM - 4:00PM, you always have to bring food (a sandwich, nuts, fruit ...). We leave you a backpack and a waterproof pot so you can take the food, if you do not eat during the activity, it may be good for you when we return to the vehicles. Rafting and Kayak: No need to bring water and food. The activity includes a free Pic-Nic.

Do I have to take my vehicle to the place of the activity?

We have a 9-seater van, ask us for availability if you need transport. But we recommend that you take your vehicle to the place of the activity, also after doing the activity you may be interested in staying visiting the area or in a restaurant near the canyon.

What is the time and place of meeting?

Tip: Do not travel the same day of the activity, sleep the night before in our area. If you don't do like that, you will be tired and without energy to do the canyoning activity. CANYONING and VIA FERRATA: Meeting time: 8:30-9:00AM: Payments, sign the contract, try the equipment.. 9:00AM: Departure to the activity. Meeting place: "we are canyoneers" office in Avenida Pirenaica Nº7, Ainsa. Duration of the activity: It depends a lot on each activity, the group and what we entertain ourselves by repeating jumps and enjoying the environment. Most activities finish between 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (in the parking lot), however there are some activities that end later. RAFTING: Meeting time: 10:45 AM Morning shift / 3:30 PM Afternoon shift. Meeting place: Hostal Turbon in Campo village. KAYAK Meeting time: 4:00 PM (Check availability to do in the morning). Meeting place: Bar-Terrace in Morillo de Tou village.

Is it necessary to have experience to do canyoning?

It is not necessary to have experience to participate in the activities of canyoning.

Some canyons such as the Miraval canyon and the Viandico canyon have no obligatory obstacles. That is, jumps, slides and rappels-abseiling (snapling) can be avoided by walking, so you decide what you want to do and what not.

The only obligatory thing is to swim and walk.

Tip: Do not travel the same day of the activity, sleep the night before in our area. If you do not do so, you will not be sufficiently rested and energized to do the canyoning activity.