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Huesca and Aínsa, best adventure destination in Europe and 2nd in the World

The province of Huesca, thanks to such cutting-edge destinations as Ainsa, has been awarded at the World Travel Awards as the best adventure destination in Europe and second worldwide.

Best Adventure destination in Europe

The province of Huesca has achieved the most important award for Active Tourism at the 30th edition of the World Travel Awards gala held on September 28 in Georgia.

Aínsa capital of the world of Canyoning

We have always defended that Ainsa is the world capital of canyoning, due to the quality of the canyons in our area both to the north and south. Which can be combined with exciting activities such as rafting or via ferrata.

Second best destination in the world

We are the second destination in the world for adventure activities ahead of such important destinations as: Australia, Japan, Costa Rica, Thailand...

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