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Irués Canyon
Irués Canyon
Irués Canyon
Irués Canyon
Irués Canyon


Enjoy this fantastic journey of trekking and canyoning in the Pyrenees of Huesca.


Located in the village of Badaín, the Irués Canyon is an amazing water hiking with a nice landscape. It's not a commercial canyon, but is one of most beautifuls descents of the area. The Irués river runs by a landscape of great beauty and lush vegetation that looks a tropical place.


The approach is a fantastic trekking. The canyons has three short abseils and some jumps (optionals). The main difficulty is the duration of the approach and the return.


This activity is a mixture of a hiking trip and a canyoning descent and suitable for people who appreciate more the geology and the nature than the sporting side.





- Swimsuit.

- Sports shoes or walking boots (they will get wet).

- Towel and change footwear.

- Water and Picnic lunch.

- Hair rubber, for the people with a long hair.

- People who wear glasses should use a retaining cord or use a glasses case.



- Minimum age: 14 years old.

- Be able to swimming.

- No experience required.

- A good fitness level required.


price  49€  per person



Approach walking: 1h 30 min

Descent: 3 hours

Return walking: 40 minutes




Qualified Proffesional Guide

Accident and Rescue Insurance

Wetsuit and Equipment

Photo Album

Backpack and Watertight  Pot

9 seater vehicle support

(consult availability)