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▷ Cola de Caballo Waterfall | Ordesa National Park Hiking and Walk

Cola de Caballo Ordesa Ruta

The route begins at Pradera de Ordesa, which is 8 km from the town of Torla.


To access Pradera de Ordesa there are only two options depending on the time of year:

  • If it is summer, Easter or October Holiday, to access the Pradera de Ordesa (beginning of the route) you have to take a bus in the town of Torla. The bus service is paid (4,50€ round trip and children under 10 years free the official document proving the child's age must be presented).

  • The rest of the year and therefore in low season can be accessed by car without any problem, in winter access may be temporarily restricted by avalanche risk, inform yourself.

Duration approach: 3 hours

Duration return: 2 hours and 30 min

Total distance: 17 Kilometers

Aculmulated meters: 500metros.


WHEN                                           FIRST ASCENT TRIP                                          LAST ASCENT TRIP                                                 LAST DOWN

Easter (April 9 to 12)                                          6:00                                                                                      18:00                                                                                    20:30

 June 23 to August 31                                        6:00                                                                                      19:00                                                                                    22:00

September 1 to 13                                             6:00                                                                                      19:00                                                                                    22:00


 October 12 to 15                                               6:00                                                                                      18:00                                                                                    20:30


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1.- Pradera de Ordesa


Here you have to start walking towards the bottom of the Ordesa Valley. Continue along the track between trees East leaving the Arazas River on your right, paying attention to the posters of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido and the white and red paint marks of the GR11 of the Pyrenees. Calm down, is easy!

Ruta Cola de Caballo Ordesa.jpg

Beginning of the route by very comfortable track

Cola de Caballo Ordesa

Río Arazas in Ordesa

Cola de caballo Ordesa

Views to the Ordesa Valley, very close to Pradera de Ordesa

2.- Cascada de Arripas

It is the first famous waterfall of this route, it is only a small preview of what awaits you in this little paradise.

Cascada de Arripas

Arripas Waterfall

3.- Cruce-Deviation IMPORTANT

A later we find a junction to the right that takes us to the bridge that crosses the river Arazas and where the track takes us back to the Pradera de Ordesa on the other side of the river Arazas. We will avoid all this and in this crossing we will turn to the left and we will continue with our direction to the Cola de Caballo. However, remember this point, since it is interesting to take this detour on the way back. The return will make you more enjoyable and you will enjoy a different perspective if you make the return to the Pradera de Ordesa on the other side of the river.

4.- Cascadas de la Cueva y del Estrecho

Immediately you will come to a detour to the right that takes you to a viewpoint to see the waterfall of the Cueva y el estrecho. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Ordesa Valley.

Cascada Estrecho de Ordesa

Cueva y del Estrecho Waterfalls

5.- Gradas de Soaso

This enclave is one of the most beautiful, with its spectacular waterfalls and a large, deep pool. Here the slope is more pronounced, it is a good place to take a break.

Gradas de Soaso

Gradas de Soaso waterfalls, Arazas river

6.- Llanos de Soaso

From here you will walk through spectacular meadows before arriving at the Cola de Caballo waterfall. A spectacular glacial valley with waterfalls to your left and chamois to your right (if you look closely).

Cola de Caballo Gradas de Soaso

Last meters before reaching the Cola de Caballo waterfall

Cola de Caballo Gradas de Soaso

Llanos de Soaso

7.- Cola de Caballo

And finally, after 3 hours of walking, the famous Cola de Caballo waterfall. A good time to eat and rest. You will see that there are people who keep going up, most of them go to Refugio de Goriz with the intention of ascending to Monte Perdido.

Cascada Cola de Caballo

Cola de Caballo Waterfall and somo hiker in the area

8.- Return

To return to Pradera de Ordesa, you will have to undo the road, to return it will take 2 and a half hours. Remember that before arriving at the Cascada de Arripas, you can cross the Arripas bridge and return on the other side of the river to the Pradera de Ordesa, as we mentioned in point 3.

Cola de Caballo Ordesa (6).jpg

Views of Llanos the Soaso returning from Cola de Caballo

Ordesa National Park map in PDF

Mapa Ordesa y Monte Perdido pdf.jpg

Download Ordesa valley map

What to do in Ordesa? The answer is simple: an Adventure activity with us!


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Miraval Canyon


Rafting Torla.jpg


Vía Ferrata del Sorrosal con guia.jpg


Barranquismo familiar huesca pirineos ordesa ainsa.jpg





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